Fence & Sign Permits

The City of Ghent requires it's residents to apply for and purchase a permit before a fence or sign can be constructed.  To review TITLE XV: FENCING, SCREENING, LANDSCAPING, & 151.48 SIGNAGE, go to the "Government" tab.  Click on the link below to apply for and purchase a required permit.  


A site plan will be required to be uploaded with your application

A survey is "not necessary" if the following applies:

  • The proposed fence will be clearly located entirely on the subject's property and has met all required setbacks; or
  • Stakes from a previously completed survey are in place and clearly marked; or
  • A signed, written statement from the neighboring property owner is submitted indicating that they do not dispute the location of the fence.  (sample language: "By my signature, I am stating that I do not dispute the applicant locating a fence as presented in the attached applicaiton")