Shade Tree Diversification Grant

BACKGROUND:  The MN DNR has determined that trees infested with Emerald Ash Borer have been identified in Lyon County.  Once Emerald Ash Borer has reached our city, all the ash trees will become infected and most likely die within 10 years’ time.  The City of Ghent plans to use strategic actions to replace trees to diversify our shade tree inventory making it better able to withstand disease and forest pests.  The City of Ghent plans to remove and replace 100 boulevard and park trees over the next 4 years.  These will primarily be ash trees but may also include other species if they are damaged by storm or deemed to be unsafe.  The City of Ghent has been fortunate enough to receive a grant from the MN Department of Natural Resources to fund this work.  These funds can only be used to remove and replace trees that are in the city right of way or city parks.  They cannot be used for trees that are on private property.  If city staff has identified a tree for removal in your boulevard, you will receive communication from us before the tree is removed.  We will consult you regard the variety of tree to be planted and its location in your boulvard.  Tree choices will include; Locust, Hackberry, Linden, Oak, Elm, Kentucky Coffee, & Aspen.  

TREATMENT:  If the identified tree is mature and you would rather it not be removed, there are treatment options available that will extend the life of your tree.  This grant does not cover the cost of treatment of ash trees.  These costs would be the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner.  Visit the document link below for additional information. 

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS:  If you have ash trees on your private property, you should start planning to have them removed/replaced over the next 10 years.  Once a tree has been damaged by emerald ash borer, it becomes brittle and costs more to remove than when it is still healthy. 


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